What is Theravada Buddhism?

Dispensation of Lord Buddha begins 2600 years ago in India. It is Gautama Buddha's Enlightenment. During the Life of Lord Buddha, Buddhism is spreading all over India. But now the pure Buddhism which existed on that period is changed in different ways.

In the present Buddhism has spreaded all over the world but it has changed a lot. Now the Buddhism has divided into two different philosophies.Those are Theravada Buddhism and the Mahayana Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism is spreaded largely in the world. Burma, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea are the main countries which the Mahayana Buddhism existed. Mahayana Buddhism is a philosophy based on other's welfare. But the Theravada Buddhism is completely different and has a broad philosophy.

Theravada Buddhism is called the pure Buddhism which the Lord Buddha has discoursed. Theravada Buddhism is not limited to the other's welfare. It has more broad views and targets. The Nibbana is the target of the Theravada Buddhism. According to Theravada, attending to Nibbana is a self interest. Primitive target is self enlightenment. 

Theravada refuses other's Nibbana without the self attending to Nibbana. After oneself attended to Nibbana, he can show the path of Nibbana to others. According to Theravada Buddhism everyone can enter to Nibbana even in this life, if he fulfill the observance. Theravada Buddhism teaches to shorten the existence.