Family and Seven Wives

Family and Seven Wives
In Lord Buddha's Doctrine he stated that there are four types of families in real world. Those are "Dead man with dead woman", "Dead man with a Godess", "God with a dead woman" and "God with Godess". The people who preserve five precepts and people who ready to alms giving are called "divine". The people who not good, covetous, humilate others are called "dead".

The Seven Wives
Lord Buddha has discoursed there are seven types of wives a man can see in real life. Those are, "Wadhakasama" (wicked), "Chaurisama" (theaf), "Aryasama" (drowsy), "Mathrusama" (like a mother), "Bhaginisama" (like a sister), "Sakisama" (like a friend), "Dasisama" (like a servant).

Wadakasama is wicked, not amicable to husband, be attached to other men, trying to rack her husband. If a wife hide some money of the husbands for the use of her she is Chaurisama. If someone who do not love to work in her home, very lazy and heavy eating, brutish, telling evil words, lead by the nose of husband, she is called Aryasama. Mathrusama wife is very amicable to husband, with humanity, protect husband as a mother protect her children, who save the money that husband is earning. 

Bhaginisama wife is like a sister. She is very docile to her husband and with bashfulness. If a wife becomes very happy seeing her husband, behaviors very gentle, virtuous, living with chastity, she is called Sakisama. If a woman bears her husband's faults, does not angry to her husband's bad works, be docile, she is called Dasisama.
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